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We offer:

The salon has a gorgeous range of facials to suit every age and skin type. We’ve tried and tested the best over the years and are confident we have the right one for you.

We use the highest quality products to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish leaving you with clear, well hydrated skin that feels fresh, soft and supple.

Our Facials:

  • Hydradermie Facial - regenerates, deep cleansing, stabilises the moisture balance
  • Eye hydradermie - helps smooth away: fine lines, shadows, bags and deep wrinkles
  • SuperHydradermie - the ultimate facial - A luxurious combination blissfully combining face eyes and neck
  • The Hydradermie Lift
  • Beaute Neuve Facial - A renewing peeling for a tired dull complexion
  • Back Hydradermie
  • Clarins Tri-Active Facial - Clarins' new personalised facial using pro-active products clinically proven to deliver real results and a truly wonderful feeling of well-being
  • Rejuvenese Deep Cleansing and Moisturising
  • Mini Facial - ideal for young skin
  • The Bio Therapeutic Facial A Micro-current treatment uses tiny impulses to revitalise the natural regenerative processes of the face. This is a mini-lift without the trauma of surgery. 6 sessions recommended.

We will be happy to advise you on the perfect facial for your skin.