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Semi-permanent make-up

Eyebrows frame the face and help create a younger healthier appearance. When they become sparse through over plucking or hair loss, confidence can suffer as a result.

We have our own expert in the latest treatment to reconstruct beautifully framed eyebrows.

With this precise technique, each hair is replicated at a microscopic level to create natural and realistic eyebrows. This new procedure simulates perfectly applied make up through the infusion of mineral pigments into the upper layers of the skin.

Sarah, trained by Debra Robson-Lawrence - one of London’s top technicians, is extremely experienced in this procedure.

We offer an initial consultation and skin test in order to explain the procedure in detail. Also, we provide a follow up consultation one month after the treatment when we can make adjustments and then all you’ll need will be an annual colour boost to keep your eyebrows looking perfect.